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Washington DUI Laws are Tough. You don’t want to go to court without us

There is no getting around it, Washington DUI laws are tough and going to court without an elite team of attorneys to defend you is another mistake you can’t afford to make.

You have been charged with driving under the influence. You have endured the degradation of an arrest, a not so pleasant stay at the police precinct and worst of all you had to tell your family. Your next step is going to court. Don’t stand in front of a judge alone. Have someone by your side that will defend you regardless of the severity of the charge.

Attorney Steven Hayne is the man you want to steer you through the treacherous waters of the legal system and soften the blow of a DUI. Councilor Hayne has 3 decades of experience defending those charged with a DUI. He devotes 95% of his practice, energy and resources in helping those arrested for DUI in Seattle.

Attorney Hayne has tried hundreds of cases in court and his experience with DUI is legendary. He has been rated of Washington’s top ten trial attorneys by the Washington Law Journal. The title of ‘Super Lawyer’ has been given to him by the Washington Law and Politics Magazine.

Despite all his awards and titles, Steven Hayne has and always will treat every one of his clients with respect, dignity and a professional manner. If your case does go to court Attorney Hayne will organize a plan of action, prepare you to testify if necessary and stay calm and speak with authority through the entire process.

Please review our extensive website documenting his education, experience and career achievements. In his 30 years of practice he has seen a lot of changes in the law. He has seen police procedure adjustments, adapted to new courtroom policies and altered his defense strategy to accommodate the ever changing laws.

There is every truth to the statement that Seattle DUI charges are serious business. Washington DUI laws are tough but, Attorney Steven Hayne is tougher.

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