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Is this your first time facing Seattle DUI Charges?

There is a first time for everything and you have always said, ‘I’ll try anything once.’ But, getting arrested, a less than entertaining visit to the police station and being hauled into court on Seattle DUI charges was not your idea of trying anything once.

This is your first time you are faced with a life changing issue. Being charged with a DUI is serious business. If you are convicted of impaired driving you are looking at some big life altering issues. First, your auto insurance rates will skyrocket, provided you can find someone to insure you, next, on every job application you will have to answer YES to have you ever been convicted of a crime. If your company does routine random drug and alcohol testing you will be targeted every time. Many life insurance companies will not offer you life insurance; and if they do the premiums will be horrendous.

Save yourself more heartache and hire the best Seattle DUI attorney money can buy. That attorney is Steven Hayne; with 30 years of experience in Seattle impaired driving laws; you can’t afford not to have him represent you. So much can happen during the DUI process; you’ll want someone by your side that knows the law and can treat you with respect and merit.

If your case does go to trial Councilor Hayne will prepare a plan of action, coach you on what to say and answer every question you have with a calm demeanor. With his education knowledge and years of experience Steve has seen everything in DUI proceedings.

Check out our main website, there you will find a wealth of information about Steve, his practice, his experience and reassurance that you are not alone in the fight to save your reputation and your name. The website also answers a number of questions that clients ask and even has articles written by Steve about some of his experiences inside and outside the courtroom.

If a first time DUI conviction has your stomach in knots, see Attorney Steven Hayne, he will do his best to soften the blow of a Seattle DUI.

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Washington DUI Laws are Tough. You don’t want to go to court without us

There is no getting around it, Washington DUI laws are tough and going to court without an elite team of attorneys to defend you is another mistake you can’t afford to make.

You have been charged with driving under the influence. You have endured the degradation of an arrest, a not so pleasant stay at the police precinct and worst of all you had to tell your family. Your next step is going to court. Don’t stand in front of a judge alone. Have someone by your side that will defend you regardless of the severity of the charge.

Attorney Steven Hayne is the man you want to steer you through the treacherous waters of the legal system and soften the blow of a DUI. Councilor Hayne has 3 decades of experience defending those charged with a DUI. He devotes 95% of his practice, energy and resources in helping those arrested for DUI in Seattle.

Attorney Hayne has tried hundreds of cases in court and his experience with DUI is legendary. He has been rated of Washington’s top ten trial attorneys by the Washington Law Journal. The title of ‘Super Lawyer’ has been given to him by the Washington Law and Politics Magazine.

Despite all his awards and titles, Steven Hayne has and always will treat every one of his clients with respect, dignity and a professional manner. If your case does go to court Attorney Hayne will organize a plan of action, prepare you to testify if necessary and stay calm and speak with authority through the entire process.

Please review our extensive website documenting his education, experience and career achievements. In his 30 years of practice he has seen a lot of changes in the law. He has seen police procedure adjustments, adapted to new courtroom policies and altered his defense strategy to accommodate the ever changing laws.

There is every truth to the statement that Seattle DUI charges are serious business. Washington DUI laws are tough but, Attorney Steven Hayne is tougher.

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How do you know if you need Seattle Legal Services or Not?

In Seattle driving under the influence or over the legal BAC limit is cause for arrest. The stark reality is your Sunday picnic clean reputation and record has just been tarnished. You have been charged with a DUI and you’re not sure which way to turn or which piece of advice you should take.

Don’t make another mistake and go with an attorney you found in the phone book, through a friend or on television. What you need is a Seattle Legal Services attorney. An attorney who knows the DUI laws inside and out; and can use his years of experience to defend you. Steven Hayne is the attorney who has the experience and expertise to help clear your name, record and reputation.

You can trust Steven Hayne and his team of knowledgeable associates to represent you with integrity, dignity and professionalism. DUI law is extremely complicated and the penalties are very harsh. For this reason, many highly competent criminal defense lawyers who routinely handle serious felonies refuse to take DUI cases. Anyone in the criminal justice system will tell you the same thing: hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford, period. A skilled, experienced, respected DUI defense attorney can do a great deal to soften the blow of a DUI arrest.

Attorney Hayne is an expert in his field. He has devoted 95% of his practice and resources in defending those who have been charged with DUI. Steve is prepared for anything; if your case goes to trial he will prepare a plan, advise you on what is happening and remain calm and professional through it all. He has tried hundreds of cases and has been recognized as one of Washington’s top ten trial lawyers in Washington Law Journal. He was also given the title of ‘Super Lawyer’ in Washington Law and Politics Magazine.

If you are arrested for DUI in Seattle, hire the top Seattle DUI Lawyer, Steven Hayne. Visit our main website for contact information, to see client’s letters, credentials and articles about his experience in the courtroom. You will enjoy his stories but, more importantly you will be able to make an informed decision about a Seattle DUI attorney.

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If you’ve been pulled over Drinking and Boating, you need a Seattle BUI Attorney

The people of Seattle are very fortunate. Much of the country is landlocked with little more than the occasional tributary or shallow man-made lake to enjoy. The folks of Seattle have access to any number of water sports for much of the year.

Boating encompasses so many sports, fishing, skiing even jet skiing. Most boaters are very courteous and responsible but, even some of the best boaters will go a little over board when they have fun. And that’s when the trouble starts.

If you are charged with a BUI; you don’t want this on your permanent record plus, if and when they take your boating license, they could possibly impound your boat.

Drinking and boating is a serious offense and you will need serious legal counsel if you expect to have a positive outcome. You will need a Seattle BUI Lawyer, one that specializes in the rights of an accused boater. There is a ton of misinformation out there and a Seattle BUI attorney can sort through it.

One of Seattle’s best BUI/DUI attorneys is Steve Hayne, he knows the law and is proud to be the top Seattle BUI Lawyer. He can help you sort out the bad information from the good, plan a good defense strategy and always treat you with kindness and dignity.

The best part of Councilor Haynes is that BUI and DUI are all he does, he does it full time and he has been doing it for 30 years. He will be the first to tell you his law offices have dedicated 95% of their manpower and resources to defending BUI and DUI clients. No other Seattle attorney can boast the success he has had.

If you are in the unfortunate position of being charged with a BUI, don’t make another mistake and hire an attorney who knows little or nothing about BUI and DUI. Hire the very best representation you can get, Steve Haynes, he can help you clear your name, keep your reputation and always treat you with dignity. Forget the rest and only hire the best Seattle BUI attorney, Steven Haynes.

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A King County DUI Conviction could have Serious Long-term Consequences

You have been arrested for DUI in Seattle, and you are wondering have I just thrown my life away? The answer is probably not but, if you don’t get proper legal representation your life could become very different.

A DUI conviction can have far reaching effects not just for you but, for your family and livelihood. If you have been convicted of a DUI here is a list of things that could happen:

• When you fill out any job application you will have to answer ‘yes’ when they ask have you been convicted of a crime. If you decide to not to reveal that information you need to remember background checks are standard procedure for employment consideration.
• If you do get hired and the company orders random drug testing you will be targeted as a ‘possible problem’ and they will be watching you closely.
• When you try to apply for a mortgage or any type of loan the bank will use the DUI as an excuse not to grant you a loan even if you have pristine credit.
• If and when you do get your driver’s license back your insurance rates will skyrocket. When you try to apply for a car loan your interest rate could be as high as 15%.
• If you would like a life insurance policy for your family, if the company decides to offer you one, your premiums will be through the roof.
• Just when you think you have out run the DUI conviction it will show up again, GARANTEED.

It is imperative that you seek the council of a King County DUI lawyer. Councilor Steven Hayne has been defending clients who have been charged with DUI for three decades. He has seen many changes in 30 years from police procedures and court appearances to new and changing DUI laws.

A DUI conviction has far reaching effects; don’t let it ruin your reputation or the quality of life you have worked so hard to achieve. A King County DUI lawyer like attorney Steven Hayne can give you a fighting chance to clear your name.

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All Seattle Lawyers are not the Same, Ours Specialize in DUI

Would you call a heating and cooling expert to work on your car – not advisable? Sure they both fix things but, you want your car in good working order. Another example would you hire a wedding cake decorator to make your wedding dress? Both of these occupations are involved with weddings but, they do very different things for a bride.

Would you want a real estate attorney representing you in a divorce? That attorney may have studied divorce in law school but, he/she decided to be an expert in real estate.

To get a good job done in any field you need the proper tools and talent. If you are in the unfortunate position of being charged with DUI you will need an attorney with the tools and talent to defend you. If you live in the Seattle area you would be wise to hire a Seattle DUI attorney. These knowledgeable and experienced lawyers know the state laws and are prepared to represent you if you are charged.

There is an enormous amount of misinformation floating around about DUIs and its best not to take any advice from anyone except a DUI attorney.

Steve Hayne is one of those attorneys you can trust for legal council in the Seattle area. He is good at what he does because that’s all he does; his law firm has dedicated 95% of their tools and talent to DUI law. In his 30 years of Seattle DWI defense he has seen a great deal of changes. He has seen changes in the law, police procedure and court hearings; and Steve Haynes has changed with them all.

Councilor Hayne has been voted Seattle’s best attorney by Seattle Magazine. He has earned the title ‘Super Lawyer’ from Washington Law and Politics Magazine.

A DUI conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let the legal system push you into a corner. Call Steve Hayne he has concentrated on defending DUI clients for 3 decades. He knows the Seattle DUI charges and has handled them all with experience and professionalism. Don’t let a DUI conviction change your life, Call Steve Haynes.

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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Bellevue DWI Lawyer

You’ve been arrested for DWI and you’re thinking to yourself, What Happens Now and how much trouble am I in? Driving under the Influence is a serious charge. The penalties for a person convicted of Driving under the Influence are very harsh, but a competent, experienced lawyer can minimize the impact significantly, in even the most difficult cases. A person can be charged with Driving under the Influence based on two grounds, that he or she:

• Drove With a .08 BAC (blood alcohol content) within two hours of driving
• Drove While “under the influence” of alcohol and/or drugs.

If I hire a Bellevue DWI Lawyer, does that mean my case will go to trial?

Most likely not, hiring a competent Bellevue DWI lawyer is the first order of business. The chances of going to trial decrease considerably and with the experience of a Seattle DWI defense, the chances of working out a plea bargain are very good.

If I hire an attorney to represent me, what do I need to know?

When you hire an attorney it is imperative you find out how experienced he/she is with DWI cases.

• Ask them how long they have been defending people charged with DWI.
• What percentage of their practice is dedicated to defending DWI?
• Finally, ask them how many opportunities they have had to go to trial on DWI charges.

My breath test exceeded the limit, am I looking at a catastrophe?

No, but hiring a competent Bellevue DUI Lawyer as soon as possible can lessen the impact of the situation. The higher the blood alcohol level is, the greater your chances of having ‘aggravated’ circumstances added to your charges. Yes, these cases are more serious, but the presence of an experienced DWI attorney will improve your chances of avoiding long term detrimental effects.

The charge of a DWI is a serious offense. If you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated the effects of that conviction can be far reaching. Insurance rates will skyrocket and back ground checks are the normal procedure for many hiring companies. If you have the misfortune of being charged with a DWI your best move is to hire the right DWI attorney with the most experience.

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Washington DUI Laws Cover More than just Alcohol Offenses

Driving under the influence means more than just driving drunk. Under the influence in this day and age could mean almost anything, including perfectly legal prescription drugs if they have been abused. If you’re in a situation where you’re being charged with an offense of that nature, it’s important to understand Washington DUI laws if you’re going to mount a defense of any kind. That’s what we’re here for; to make sure you’re protected under Washington law from a potentially wrongful conviction.

When you receive a prescription from your doctor for a narcotic or other substance that could cause drowsiness or inhibit your judgment or motor skills, there will be a warning on the side of the bottle that tells you that. Your doctor should also let you know what the potential and probable side effects of the drug are going to be. Usually, they’re pretty good about that. There are instances, however, when someone on prescription medication might get behind the wheel of the car against doctors advice. Getting caught doing that can lead to a charge of driving under the influence.

In a courtroom, the definition of “Seattle impaired driving” will become an issue in the defense of a case like this. The argument on the part of the defense will no doubt involve the legality of the substance and the amount of it which was consumed. The prosecution will argue that impaired driving is impaired driving, no matter what the circumstances are. There are a number of different ways the case could go, not all of them good for you, so just not driving when taking the pills is your best bet.

Other instances of Washington DUI that we have seen in recent years involve drivers being under the influence of illegal narcotics. These cases are far more difficult than a simple drunken driving case. The possession of the narcotics themselves could mean an additional charge and the penalties could be severe. If you are in a situation like that, do not speak to the police until you have secured legal counsel. You’re in enough trouble. Don’t make it worse by saying something to incriminate yourself further.

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Call a Seattle DUI Attorney before You Speak to Police

We were all raised to listen to a police officer when he makes a request and comply whenever possible. There are, however, certain instances when you are better off just staying quiet, not doing anything, and waiting to have a conversation with your Seattle DUI attorney before you even speak to the police. That might be hard to remember if you’re intoxicated, so make it second nature right now. Driving drunk is not okay, but if you have a few too many and get caught behind the wheel, stay quiet. It could be the different between conviction and acquittal later on down the line.

If you are pulled over and detained for driving under the influence, you will be told truthfully by the police officer that refusing a breathalyzer or any kind of field sobriety test is grounds for an automatic loss of license. This statement scares most people into doing the test, thinking they might somehow miraculously pass it. The irony of that is that most fail and end up losing their license anyway. Police officers are trained to spot the influences of alcohol or drugs. They won’t normally put you through all that without good reason. You do not, however, have to take the test.

Before you can be brought up on Seattle DUI charges, you have to be booked into the police station and read your rights. The first of those rights that you will hear in what is called the Miranda reading is the right to remain silent. This is made clear to anyone under arrest from the beginning because, in this country, you are not expected to incriminate yourself. A breathalyzer or field sobriety test will do just that. If you take it and come up over the legal limit, you’ll most likely be convicted and you will have done it to yourself. That’s self-incrimination.

How do you say “no” to the police? You don’t. You simply request your phone call and contact a Seattle DUI lawyer to do the talking for you. The first question you’ll be asked is if you took a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. Then, you’ll receive instructions from your lawyer on how to proceed. Hopefully, the whole incident is a one time case of one too many. If not, things could get more complicated, but call us anyway.

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