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Is this your first time facing Seattle DUI Charges?

There is a first time for everything and you have always said, ‘I’ll try anything once.’ But, getting arrested, a less than entertaining visit to the police station and being hauled into court on Seattle DUI charges was not your idea of trying anything once.

This is your first time you are faced with a life changing issue. Being charged with a DUI is serious business. If you are convicted of impaired driving you are looking at some big life altering issues. First, your auto insurance rates will skyrocket, provided you can find someone to insure you, next, on every job application you will have to answer YES to have you ever been convicted of a crime. If your company does routine random drug and alcohol testing you will be targeted every time. Many life insurance companies will not offer you life insurance; and if they do the premiums will be horrendous.

Save yourself more heartache and hire the best Seattle DUI attorney money can buy. That attorney is Steven Hayne; with 30 years of experience in Seattle impaired driving laws; you can’t afford not to have him represent you. So much can happen during the DUI process; you’ll want someone by your side that knows the law and can treat you with respect and merit.

If your case does go to trial Councilor Hayne will prepare a plan of action, coach you on what to say and answer every question you have with a calm demeanor. With his education knowledge and years of experience Steve has seen everything in DUI proceedings.

Check out our main website, there you will find a wealth of information about Steve, his practice, his experience and reassurance that you are not alone in the fight to save your reputation and your name. The website also answers a number of questions that clients ask and even has articles written by Steve about some of his experiences inside and outside the courtroom.

If a first time DUI conviction has your stomach in knots, see Attorney Steven Hayne, he will do his best to soften the blow of a Seattle DUI.

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