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All Seattle Lawyers are not the Same, Ours Specialize in DUI

Would you call a heating and cooling expert to work on your car – not advisable? Sure they both fix things but, you want your car in good working order. Another example would you hire a wedding cake decorator to make your wedding dress? Both of these occupations are involved with weddings but, they do very different things for a bride.

Would you want a real estate attorney representing you in a divorce? That attorney may have studied divorce in law school but, he/she decided to be an expert in real estate.

To get a good job done in any field you need the proper tools and talent. If you are in the unfortunate position of being charged with DUI you will need an attorney with the tools and talent to defend you. If you live in the Seattle area you would be wise to hire a Seattle DUI attorney. These knowledgeable and experienced lawyers know the state laws and are prepared to represent you if you are charged.

There is an enormous amount of misinformation floating around about DUIs and its best not to take any advice from anyone except a DUI attorney.

Steve Hayne is one of those attorneys you can trust for legal council in the Seattle area. He is good at what he does because that’s all he does; his law firm has dedicated 95% of their tools and talent to DUI law. In his 30 years of Seattle DWI defense he has seen a great deal of changes. He has seen changes in the law, police procedure and court hearings; and Steve Haynes has changed with them all.

Councilor Hayne has been voted Seattle’s best attorney by Seattle Magazine. He has earned the title ‘Super Lawyer’ from Washington Law and Politics Magazine.

A DUI conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let the legal system push you into a corner. Call Steve Hayne he has concentrated on defending DUI clients for 3 decades. He knows the Seattle DUI charges and has handled them all with experience and professionalism. Don’t let a DUI conviction change your life, Call Steve Haynes.

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