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A King County DUI Conviction could have Serious Long-term Consequences

You have been arrested for DUI in Seattle, and you are wondering have I just thrown my life away? The answer is probably not but, if you don’t get proper legal representation your life could become very different.

A DUI conviction can have far reaching effects not just for you but, for your family and livelihood. If you have been convicted of a DUI here is a list of things that could happen:

• When you fill out any job application you will have to answer ‘yes’ when they ask have you been convicted of a crime. If you decide to not to reveal that information you need to remember background checks are standard procedure for employment consideration.
• If you do get hired and the company orders random drug testing you will be targeted as a ‘possible problem’ and they will be watching you closely.
• When you try to apply for a mortgage or any type of loan the bank will use the DUI as an excuse not to grant you a loan even if you have pristine credit.
• If and when you do get your driver’s license back your insurance rates will skyrocket. When you try to apply for a car loan your interest rate could be as high as 15%.
• If you would like a life insurance policy for your family, if the company decides to offer you one, your premiums will be through the roof.
• Just when you think you have out run the DUI conviction it will show up again, GARANTEED.

It is imperative that you seek the council of a King County DUI lawyer. Councilor Steven Hayne has been defending clients who have been charged with DUI for three decades. He has seen many changes in 30 years from police procedures and court appearances to new and changing DUI laws.

A DUI conviction has far reaching effects; don’t let it ruin your reputation or the quality of life you have worked so hard to achieve. A King County DUI lawyer like attorney Steven Hayne can give you a fighting chance to clear your name.

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