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Monthly Archives: May 2014

What Makes the Highest Rated DUI Attorney in King County the Best for Your Case?

Have you ever wondered what makes one DUI attorney better than the next?  Being named the highest rated DUI attorney in King County is no small accomplishment:  it requires strong trust from clients, extensive knowledge about how DUI cases work … Continue reading

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Where to Turn When You Need a DUI Attorney in Tacoma TODAY

Driving while under the influence is a dangerous and reckless thing to do.  However, sometimes we all make bad choices that require the help of an attorney.  If you’ve been charged with either drinking and driving, or have been charged … Continue reading

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Questions You Should Ask a DUI Attorney in Seattle Before Hiring Them

Most of us will never need the help of a DUI attorney in Seattle, however, for those that do, it’s important that you hire the best possible representation for your case.  Hiring a DUI attorney is very different than hiring … Continue reading

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